A New Book by Mark Julian Zyga

The Core Question

Who Am I?

Are you ready to find out?

The Core Question of Who am I? is a question we have all asked ourselves many times in our lives. Most of us have answered that question only to come back to it again at a later time still looking for an answer.

There are two logical questions that follow the Core Question of Who am I? — What do I want to do? (when I grow up) and How do I get there? This book helps you the reader answer those for yourself and is ultimately a discourse on authentic self-love with the additional benefit of giving you an understanding of how to share that with others. This book uses three easy steps which are:

  • Awareness of what you truly sense within you.
  • Understanding how your thinking patterns were formed
  • Manifesting positive outcomes without fear.

The ongoing ‘search for self’ is part of our human desire to achieve and grow in ways that make us happy, comfortable and financially stable, so let
your search end and your journey begin, with this, the missing piece.

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